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I'm a multidisciplinary creative in Pittsburgh who writes, designs, and codes music, art, and words because Jesus loves you. Yes, you!

Official Bio

Steve Chab is a progressive gospel songwriter, visual artist, poet, designer, and programmer.

Medium and genre are no limiter for Steve. His designs are systematic and elegant. His musical compositions are lush and overdriven. His art is glitchy and saturated. His poetic and lyrical themes are Biblical and occult. Critics have said he has a "subtle obsession with specificity."

For Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), he has designed websites and educated staff members about design and digital accessibility. For bands, rappers, and artists, he has produced, composed, and engineered music, designed album artwork, and provided creative direction. He has helped lead worship at Church gatherings and youth retreats. He has even programmed music for a robot.

Steve's musical collaborations have included Vanilla, Sol Invicto (featuring Stephen Carpenter of Deftones), Ali Spagnola, and Jake Bernsten of Beauty Slap. He has shared the stage with The Composure, The Dudley Corporation, and Josh Epstein of JR JR. Three music videos, four albums, and six EPs fill Steve's musical repertoire. In 2016, he reinterpreted the neoclassical piano of Nils Frahm as progressive rock by composing, performing, and recording new instrumentation atop three of Frahm's recorded pieces. Steve's 2013 album, Tempo, is a collection of spiritual poetry set to a fury of dirty guitars, polyrhythmic hip hop, and spectral, lo-fi melodies. It exposes truth about God's love for man and man's apathy towards the Creator. Steve is currently the drummer and producer of the grunge duo, Bassette, who sound like the mating call of a Transformer; they will likely hurt your ears and feelings.

Steve makes the internet pretty as User Interface Designer and Developer at CMU. He designs the university's website templates and serves on the Online Strategy team. He created CMU's web design standards and has helped co-lead workshops on design and digital accessibility. He has also studied music technology, sound design, and creative writing at CMU. Before CMU, he studied multimedia at Pittsburgh Technical College where he currently serves on the Multimedia Advisory Board.

Steve's music on SoundCloud has collected over 40,000 organic listens. In 2017, The Oakland Review featured his art in Volume XLII. In 2014, he won Best Website Design in the Independent Artist Network for the Music Arts (IANMA) Awards. In 2011, Ramen Music Magazine featured an interview with him in issue five. In 2006, Detroit's Galactic Dust Records published his first album of electronic music.

Steve lives in Pittsburgh with his Messianic Jewish family and wants you to know that Jesus loves you.