Steve Chab Steve Chab


I create, critique, and design music, words, and visuals.

Music Composition

I write, produce, and record music and sounds. Let's collaborate.

Artist Development

I'll help you become a better instrumentalist, vocalist, lyricist, rapper, songwriter, human.

Session Guidance

I'll guide your rehearsal and studio sessions. I'll play drums, percussion, guitar, and electric bass for you as needed.

Sound Design

I'd like to help you make soundtracks, special effects, or experiential and experimental music.

Marketing Consultant

I've worked in web marketing for 10+ years, so I can help you with social media and search engine optimization (SEO).

Design Consultant

I'll provide creative direction for your website and merchandise. See my designs and artwork.

Notable Projects

Life After Us

For LAU's first EP, I attended practice sessions to assist in the song creation process, recorded on-site demos for reference, and served as a stand-in drummer a few times.

In the studio, I generated ideas, guided the recording session, coached backup singers, and played some bass.

Nils Frahm "Collab"

I reinterpreted the neoclassical piano of Nils Frahm as prog rock by composing, performing, and recording new instrumentation atop three of Frahm's recorded pieces.


In 2011, Vanilla and I released this EP together. In 2014, I interviewed him.

Steve is a highly talented individual with musical accomplishments across a range of genres. It was a pleasure collaborating with him on our first remix EP, and I look forward to putting out more music with him. A thoroughly nice fellow.

A Musical Robot

I was part of team that installed two motors and two solenoids in a cooking pot. I then programmed a percussive MIDI composition which the robot pot performed live.

Matt Manzo

Steve is a tight drummer who can communicate unique ideas and bring simple songs to life. He's able to take criticism and quickly learn new concepts. His great communication skills make him one of the easiest and most enjoyable people to work with in music.

I served as a drummer for 5 years under the direction of songwriter and worship leader Matt Manzo. I memorized and perfected dozens of hymns and contemporary Christian songs for weekly gatherings. I also designed the album art for his first two solo albums.

Matt Emery

I am really happy about [working with Steve]. I haven't really ever worked that successfully or productively with anyone before.

Matt brought a few demos to me, and we brought one song to life together. I played synthesizer, wrote guitar parts, and served as his vocal coach. I recorded, mixed, and mastered the entire track and provided stems for future reference.

Notable Mentions

The Oakland Review

Featured in The Oakland Review, Volume XLII, 2017 (pdf)

Best Website Design

Best Website Design, 2014 IAN Music Arts Awards

Ramen Music Magazine

Published in Ramen Music Magazine, Issue #5, June, 2011


Carnegie Mellon University

  • Audio engineering
  • Electronic music
  • Sound design
  • Music history
  • Music theory
  • Poetry

Pittsburgh Technical College

  • Web design
  • Graphic design
  • Video production

Private Guitar Lessons

  • Technique
  • Music theory
  • Genres studies
  • Ear training

Private Vocal Lessons

  • Breath control
  • Stamina
  • Pop/rock styles
  • Studio recording

Jesus loves you!

Music is a gift from God, so I only want to make music that honors Him.

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